Our Mission:

It's simple.  We exist to help you have the time of your lives in your Vanagon, Bus or Eurovan.  Our Mission is to keep you happy and safe, by keeping your vehicle happy and safe.  

  • Peace Vans keeps you (and your family, pets, loved ones and other precious cargo) happy, safe and on the road.
  • Peace Vans creates a healthy, safe and supportive workplace for our employees and works passionately with our partner ecoystems
  • We offer a comprehensive, modern, fully staffed repair and restoration shop to provide any level of service you might require
  • From the simplest oil change to the most complex engine swaps – we do it all
  • Complete interior and exterior services – new upholstery, new lighting, upgraded camping equipment and a whole slew of options for the outside
  • Comprehensive inspection services – understand exactly where you stand with your vehicle and what the future likely holds
  • And we can make it all look pretty….or leave it covered in mud and dirt from that last camping trip

The Peace Vans STory

Peace Vans was started in 2011 by a small team in back alley of the SODO neighborhood in Seattle.  The current team took over in early 2013 after having continually frustrating issues at other shops all over town and found themselves constantly wondering "why doesn't anyone do a better job?".  So, much like the classic commercial for Remington Razors, they just took over the company and set forth on their own path.  Since that day in 2013, the small shop has grown considerably and is now among the largest and most respected shops for these vehicles in the country.  

On any given day we can have between 50-80 vehicles on our lot, with over 40 active projects.  We have modern management techniques to make sure you don't get lost in the shuffle, and despite our size we are still a very friendly, approachable group of people to work with.  We pride ourselves on our communication, transparency and approachability. 

The team has invested a huge amount of time and resources into creating what we currently steward.  Our professional management combined with our resource base enables us to do things other shops simply can't do.  

We are excited about what's happened and equally excited about what comes next.