Our staff is hand picked for their dedication and expertise on these vehicles.  From modern Eurovans to the earliest air cooled models, we can work on anything.  We believe in the homage that if your employees are happy, your customers will be.  And we go to great lengths to create a safe, productive and progressive work environment.  We respect the craftsmanship required to keep these vehicles on the road and we are grateful for our customer's partnership to let us do work we love every single day.

We don't run junior or apprentice technicians.  Every member of our team could get a senior technician role at the shop of their choice.  Our employees choose to work at Peace Vans and it shows in the work we do.

There is no doubt some days are frustrating and maybe even your vehicle was that one with rusty bolts and hacked wiring from a previous owner that caused our estimates to double and the time spent to triple.  But, even those jobs have their redeeming qualities - we eventually get it done and we sleep well knowing it's done right.

We are real people who love what we do.