Peace Vans has a dedicated team of experts for every aspect of your vehicle.  


Interior Services

  • LED lighting
  • Instrument cluster, heat controls, AT trans shifter (remove and replace outdated light fixtures with super efficient LED lights)
  • LED mood lighting: Custom lighting where you want it
  • Fiberglass pop-top damage
  • Turn your tintop into a pop-top.  This project starts at $5,000.  We have a very limited number of donor tops
  • Skylight replacement of lens or seals
  • Upholstery cleaning: Custom biodegradable cleaner, scrubbed the hot pressure-washed. Seats come out nice!
  • Seat and cushion reupholster: Utilize Sew Fine Products 
  • Replacement of seats with the finest Recaro seats.  Yes, they are worth the money.
  • Remove and replace any part of the interior including dashboard
  • Stereo upgrades
  • Sound deadening: All panels of the van, under rear bench and up firewall
  • Windshield replacement with upgraded 1 piece seal 1 year warrant

Engine Service and Conversions

  • We offer three standard engine conversions
  • Subaru Conversion.  EJ2.5L SOHC (other options available).  The most powerful (but also most expensive option - Subaru conversions start at $16,000 and often go up from there)
  • Rebuilt Waterboxer (2.1, 2.2 or 2.3L options).  We build these in house as well as source from the best rebuilders.  The most affordable option and still a great option.  There is something nice about staying stock :)
  • 2.0L inline 4 cylinder (gas).  Brand new late model VW motors from Passat/Jetta/Golf.  A great middle tier option for those that want off the waterboxer platform but want to save a few thousand dollars from a Subaru conversion.
  • We can (and do) service all other engine conversions – TDI, ZETEC, Tiico and more.  For these conversions, contact us and we can refer you to some great partners.
  • For air cooled – call.  Some really great options ready for you.  Built in house and built to last.


  • All fuel lines replaced with our preferred Goodyear hose
  • Known weak links of entire fuel system are address and repaired for peace of mind
  • Fuel tank service/replacement
  • Fuel tank hose/seal upgrade kit- including vent line replacement (vapor canisters)
  • LP tank service or replacement: LP leak tests throughout all lines
  • LP tank refinishing or valve upgrade

Body and Exterior

Dedicated body and paint shop with true Vanagon/Eurovan/Bus experts.  We know these vehicles inside and out and can take on the smallest to the largest project

  • Full Resprays with rust remediation and repair.  For Vanagons these projects start at $9,000-$12,000 and will increase depending on the level of body/rust repair required.  
  • Chip Guard liner around the base of the van
  • Pop-top insulation
  • Pop-top strut assist
  • Pop-top seals
  • Tent Replacement.  We remove the entire top, and hi-temp/hi-pressure wash the underside removing any signs of mold or mildew.  All seals and hardware replaced.
  • Minor dent and dings
  • Collision repair.  We work with all major insurance companies and have the knowledge and expertise to advocate for you
  • Bumper repair or upgrades (RMW, GoWesty or those super cool ones you found on The Samba)
  • Awning installation (we recommend Fiamma)
  • Authorized Yakima reseller for all roof rack needs

Camping Systems

  • Auxiliary Battery Packages.  From simple installations to our custom and ultimate under-the-van battery tray solution
  • Refrigerator upgrade (Truckfridge 49 is the most popular option).  These models are awesome.
  • Propex auxiliary heater installs.  Extend your camping season to year round when the crowds really die down
    • Combine both of those upgrades together into one very neat install in the stock refrigerator location
  • Solar installations
  • Water system flushing and line replacement
  • Troubleshooting of minor electrical issues, stove issues
  • Propane tank replacement and leak detection


Electrical Systems

  • Remote key fob power lock installation. Power lock upgrade from manual locks
  • Electrical shorts, draws, issues addressed.  Note, these can be very tricky and we often require a minimum diagnostic time of 2 hours.  If we fix it in that time, we don't charge more.
  • High quality electrical work- we use quality fittings, solder each terminal, heat shrink and wire loomed. zip tied or clamped to body via a number of options.



  • OE parts used whenver possible
  • Bilstiein, Koni and more
  • Spring replacement
  • Rear wheel spacers: Adjust that uneven van
  • Urethane or rubber bushing replacement: Powerflex, Meyle
  • FOX and Old Man Emu for off road style


  • Wheel bearings and seals: Pack bearings or replace if bad with our in-house press
  • CV joint and boot replacement
  • Shocks, urethane bushings, CV boots, axels, bearings (in-house press)
  • Power steering rack:
  • Rubber mounts, power steering filter, fluid flush (to maximize life of new rack)
  • Shift linkage adjustment and lubrication
  • Trans axle service: R&R fluid with new, seal replacement-axle seals, selector shaft seal, flexible boot
  • Mercedes or Audi wheel conversions: Open up the possibilities to better wheels and tire selection!
  • Brakes: Complete brake service available. Fluid flush: Anything brake related we can handle
  • Big brake kit installation: Front or rear