The heart of your vehicle...the engine.  Fortunately, when it's time for a new engine (and it can happen any time) there are great options.

For air cooled customers, we are finding the best route is to have out expert team build your motor in house for you.  It's not the cheapest option, but these days it is increasingly hard to find quality, rebuilds and the only way we can warranty and feel comfortable is to build one for you.  If budget is tight, we can work still try and find a way to work together.

For our Vanagon customers we have chosen to offer 3 options when it's time for a motor

  • A rebuilt Waterboxer.  This is a great option and one that should not be overlooked.  There is an incredible amount of hype and confusion about conversions and it's important to stay level headed.  A well built waterboxer is still a great fit for the Vanagon and it should easily go 100K and possibly 200K miles for you.  Often times, this option is the best choice when considering all factors including budget
  • Inline 4 cylinder, 2.0L gas motors.  These motors are delivered to us brand new and fit perfectly into the Vanagon.  The offer about 40% more HP and similar bump in torque.  But, even better, they come with a modern engine management system and modern electronics.  These are motors typically used in Passat, Jettas and Golfs.  This is more expensive than a waterboxer rebuild, but more affordable than a Subaru.
  • The Subaru.  Such a hyped project at this point.  It seems like everyone has/wants/is getting one of these, but the reality is they still make up a very small percent of the actual market.  Make no mistake, though, we love, love this conversion.  And we do a lot of them.  Close to double the HP and lots of other benefits makes this a great choice.  But it's also the most expensive option - starting at $16,000 and they often go up from there when adding in options like cruise control, AC and biting the bullet and replacing all sensors at the time of conversion.