Our entire business depends on happy customers and we are proud to say we have many of them.  Peace Vans customers come from all walks - grizzled old hippies keepin' that bus alive, passionate outdoors-folks who love their vans, retirees who wouldn't be caught dead in an RV, and a whole new generation of folks seeking out the #vanlife experience.  

Whether you're ragged snowboarder just trying to get up to the pass for one more season, restoring a van to drive cross country with your family, or just love tooling around in one of these classic vehicles as your daily driver, there is room at Peace Vans for you.  

You don't need a big budget to be a Peace Vans customer, just a willingness to be along for the journey.

Lynn came to us after unexpectedly getting this van from a passed family member.  Unsure of its condition, she asked us to do a full inspection on it.  Her goals were to have a safe, reliable, functional vehicle to on long and short adventures with.    We did a full mechanical overhaul and removed an unfortunate Roadrunner painting from the passenger side door.  The van runs like a top.

My van came to me unexpectedly and I wasn't really sure of the condition of it.  Peace Vans worked with me to completely asses the van and we decided on a plan to mechanically restore it.  My priorities were safety, reliability and comfort.  After a few weeks in the shop, I picked my van up it's a been a joy ever since.  Peace Vans was great to work with - friendly, clear explanations of the work, fair and an overall pleasure to work with.  It's been over a year since the work and the van is running great.  Thanks Peace Vans!  L.A, Bellingham, WA

I came to Peace Vans on the recommendation of my mechanic whom I use for regular maintenance.  You know someone is doing something right when another shop recommends.  I went down to speak with Harley and the team about my project and they were clear and transparent about the time, costs and nature of the project.  I love my van and it's the perfect vehicle for hauling the kids around to and from their activities and I wanted to keep the van forever, so it was time for a major body/paint job.  They kept me updated throughout the process, posting lots of pictures, inviting me down, and keeping me in the loop on scope changes or thing they found as they tore it apart.  We ended up redoing the entire interior as well.  Couldn't be happier!  Sanjay C., Bellevue WA

Having camped our entire lives we were finally ready to move up to something like Vanagon.  We thought long and hard about the decision, but ultimately decided to work with Peace Vans to build the van of our dreams.  We were lucky enough to have them build Peace Van #17 for us.  The project was an extensive one, but they were wonderful to work with, kept us informed throughout and were always available to answer any questions or adjust the plans.  We love, love, love our Peace Van and would recommend them for a custom build like ours or any type of restoration or service.  Thank you Peace Vans!  D and J., Seattle, WA

This lovely duo came to Peace Vans in the summer of 2014 asking us to overhaul the tired Syncro so they could do a cross country trip.  We pushed hard and got it done just in time - Friday pick up, Monday final tune and they left Tuesday for an 11,717 mile, 43 days and 25 state road trip.  We generally don't recommend that kind of break in, but we all slept well at night knowing it was a bullet proof project.  Rebuilt tranny, Subaru EJ25 and all new suspension, brakes and more.  

These folks were about 5 miles from the shop down I-5 when they called.  They were stranded on the side of the road with a baby!  So, we hopped in a shop van and rode to the rescue....we will always help if we can.


I'd had my Syncro for about ten year and during that time the rust spots had continued to get worse. Rust in Window edged, rusting through from the inside out at the camper hookups, etc. It was like watching a good friend slowly drifting away and dying. I want to continue to enjoy this van (and investment) as long as I can. I had taken it to a couple of local shops and nobody seems to want to do the work, because it was too much work. Finally I found Peace Vans and got really excited because they are the regional experts that specialize in these vans. I took the van up to their shop Seattle to drop it off for a complete assessment and estimate. We all knew the news not going to be pleasant. The rust was extensive and there was even a spots that were rusted all of the way through that you just could not tell without doing a complete tear down. As you can see from the photos, that is exactly what they did. They even went as far as to cut the rusted unibody seams out and reweld them. It was a huge project but totally worth it. The van is now better than the day it rolled off the factory floor and is ready to serve a second lifetime.  Peace Vans was great to work with. They communicated well, providing updates, pictures, feedback, suggestions and recommendations throughout the process. Their attention to detail is top notch. Completely satisfied. Highly recommended!  Paul T., Hood River, OR.

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This is it!! You need not look any further for a shop that will treat you right!!  We are new owners of a Vanagon Synchro and have had almost every major problem you can have with these in the few short months we have owned it.  We have experienced MANY shops that claim to have knowledge of VW's but NO ONE knows these vans like these guys!!  Based on my prior interactions with them and their rave reviews from others, we recently drove about 800 miles just to have their opinion of our problem.  We were on a 3-4 week road trip that had been derailed several times already due to major mechanicals and were just tired of trusting random shops to 'figure something out' at great time and cost and often not actually fixing the problem.  
We were fortunate enough to be able to have them give it a test drive on the weekend while they were technically not open (working on another project) and within 30 mins they had diagnosed and fixed the problem!!! It drove perfectly the rest of the way home, and even on some pretty rough logging roads!!
Hearing them talk and seeing their knowledge in action was awe inspiring!! They know these vans inside and out!! Our van is anything but stock with a subaru conversion and many other aftermarket add ons but even all of that they had intimate knowledge of and we did not need to fill them in on all the complications therein.  
These guys are seriously the real deal and I cannot say enough good things about them.  Not only are they incredibly knowledgable and honest in their love of these vans, but they are just darn nice and friendly people to talk to!!
In order to ease the pain of our frustrating breakdown journey, Harley sent us an e-mail of all the local restaurant and entertainment options for while we are in town... this is an example of the extra mile these guys go to in order to help.  
Thanks to Harley, Ben and Corey for your wonderful work!!  
We live an hour out of Vancouver, BC and we have since decided this will be where we bring our van for all our work and maintenance in the future!!  B. and E.