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With one of the only dedicated Vanagon/Bus/Eurovan body and paint shops in the entire country, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.  Our body and paint shop does everything1  from minor collision repair all the way to extensive and complete rust repair projects including full resprays.  

Peace Vans provides restoration quality work.  What this means is that we do everything by hand and only our trained professionals do the work.  For body and paint we are not going to be the cheapest option - there is simply no way to responsibly take short cuts with this work.  

A note on rust:  Rust is evil and is the greatest threat to your van (except crappy fuel hoses, but that's another story).  While we can tackle some of that worst rust jobs, there are projects where it is simply too far gone even for experts such as ourselves.  Our experience is that there is no way to treat rust and stand behind it other than removing it - and that is often why our projects are so expensive.  In many cases we have to completely remove metal from your van and weld back in new metal (some new body panels are now available from UK-based sources, but sometimes it has to come from a donor van) and that takes a lot of man-hours to do properly.  There is no shortcutting this step.  We've seen too many resprays where rust is coming through after only one year or even less.

We have relationships with all the leading insurance companies and a lot experience advocating with them on your behalf.  We will do better with the than most other body shops because we know these vehicles inside and out, and because we love them as much as you do

Our Services Include:

Full Resprays

  • These projects start at $10,000 for a westy and often end up close to $15,000 when finished.  The final cost is driven by both the level of rust remediation that has to happen
  • Projects take a minimum of 3 weeks.  Our schedule for these is usually booked up 2-3 months in advance
  • We provide a 2 year, full coverage warranty against rust.  Local body shops often offer 60 days.
  • All of our jobs are "glass-out", "doors-off".  We remove the tops and in many cases strip the interior as well.

Collision Work

  • Accident?  You have the legal right to have the work done at the shop of your choice.  We have a good track record with many insurance companies and can provide advice and counsel.  
  • We can do the smallest all the way up to the very largest jobs.  When many shops would walk away, we know what these vehicles mean to you so we step up and try our best to have a solution.

Interior Work

  • Camping system upgrades and modifications
  • Sound Deadening application 
  • New carpets, seats, and other upholstery
  • New door cards
  • We even know someone who can sew you new curtains!

Miscellaneous Exterior

  • Bumpers
  • Roof racks
  • Window Tinting
  • New tent installation
  • Pop Top refurbishment and mold removal
  • Water leak detection and repair

Ask if you don't see something.  If there is a custom project we won't do, we know people who will and are happy to refer.

Here's just some of the projects we have done

87 Syncro Major Rust Repair

Paul came to us from Hood River, OR with this project.  It was almost too much to take on - the rust was that bad.  But the frame was intact and both parties were game.  We went with our eyes wide open and while to project took longer than either party expected, the end result was amazing.  The project required significant panel cutting and removal and then replacement from donor vans.  These steps are time consuming and it simply has to be done right.  The end result was nicer than the factory (a little known secret is that the factory didn't do the greatest paint jobs).

Paul commented:

I'd had my Syncro for about ten years and during that time the rust spots had continued to get worse. Rust in Window edged, rusting through from the inside out at the camper hookups, etc. It was like watching a good friend slowly drifting away and dying. I want to continue to enjoy this van (and investment) as long as I can. I had taken it to a couple of local shops and nobody seems to want to do the work, because it was too much work. Finally I found Peace Vans and got really excited because they are the regional experts that specialize in these vans. I took the van up to their shop Seattle to drop it off for a complete assessment and estimate. We all knew the news not going to be pleasant. The rust was extensive and there was even a spots that were rusted all of the way through that you just could not tell without doing a complete tear down. As you can see from the photos, that is exactly what they did. They even went as far as to cut the rusted unibody seams out and reweld them. It was a huge project but totally worth it. The van is now better than the day it rolled off the factory floor and is ready to serve a second lifetime.  Peace Vans was great to work with. They communicated well, providing updates, pictures, feedback, suggestions and recommendations throughout the process. Their attention to detail is top notch. Completely satisfied. Highly recommended!  Paul T., Hood River, OR

85 Westy - From That to This!

Yes, this really happened, and happens often.  While we don't recommend a color change, sometimes it is just what the Dr. ordered.  And, in this case, it was a good call.  We took this very well loved Westy and gave it the full treatment.  It was a multi-month project, but in the end it turned out spectacular.  

I was hesitant to take this large of a step, but at the end of the day my van was rusting away and I loved it too much to see it continue.  Peace Vans spent as much time with me as I needed to understand the process, the options and the costs.  They were transparent, thorough and very detailed about every step.  Needless to say I was extremely happy with the outcome and lov driving my van every single day.  Thanks to everyone down at the shop for an overall great experience.  Jay, R. Hanover, NH